Baby blanket

As I’ve referenced in all of my recent posts I have recently fallen in love (with a 5 month old) named CB (for internet purposes). Anyway his Momma asked me to make him a baby blanket because he didn’t have any that were made just for him (he has an older sister and she has a shelf full of blankets. I know this because after she tucked me in with all of them I had to fold them and put them away. #2yearsoldsaremessy)

Well I trotted over to Ravelry (the mecca for knitters and crocheters everywhere) and started looking for the perfect pattern. After the search began I understood why no one had made this kid a blanket. They were all terribly girly. Finally I stumbled upon the Baby Tree of Life Throw. Here is the original pattern which I still felt was a little girly.  Well in looking through the MANY projects that had been completed I found someone who had changed the pattern a bit and published it. It’s here. Much more my speed.

So I trotted up to Michaels on Christmas Eve with the Brother to get the yarn (even though I had Christmas things that needed finished. I could not ignore the siren call of a wee little baby blanket). I decided to use Vanna’s Choice yarn witch is 100% acrylic (#GASP) I am a yarn snob so this was a hard decision to make. I like to use the very best. But I know how busy Mom’s are and I know how often CB pukes. So it needed to be machine washable. (But lets hope Mom doesn’t put it in the dryer all the time.)

Fast forward about a month and I have finished blanket that has been washed and blocked. I was finally able to use my Knitpicks blocking wires (here is a video showing how to use them).

Now I’m onto the Downton Abbey Cardigan for myself. Because I deserve a new cardigan.
This is the big sister. She’s a diva in the best way possible. She also wormed her way into my black heart.


Links for the week of 1/11/2015

What a week. Full of good things. For family dinner night on Monday I made a lovely meal of chili with all the toppings (including Fritos!!).  I also spent some good time with Mr. E. This new relationship and learning about each other is a lot of fun. Hope you all had a wonderful week.

Some fun articles I read this week:

A few years back when I first started knitting I really didn’t have the money to keep me in yarn (I slowly amassed my hoard). So when a local yarn store owner offered to provide the yarn for charity knitting I jumped on it. I like this idea I found in Facebook better. Buy some cheap yarn make a quick scarf and leave it somewhere with a note for someone to take it. I’m going to get some yarn this weekend and get to work! Look at this Here.

You can now livestream some funerals on the internet. How do you feel about that? Read about it Here.

You are getting an extra second of time this year. It’s a leap second. What will you do with yours. Here.

When you think about getting married most people think about what if’s. What if the person gets sick, loses all your money, cheats etc. But what if one of the people has a mental breakdown. How do you deal with that? What do you do? Here is a wonderful article about what one couple did. Here.

Some photos from the Samsung:


I made pancakes with M&M’s in them. SO GOOD!


Mr. E and The Brother went to Canada last week. They brought me back MANY of my favorite things. I’m spoiled. (Also,Cadbury buttons are my crack!)


Dinner Friday night with my darling Suzi. Chocolate stout pictured in my hand. I only had a sip BUT I loved it. (Thanks, Mr. E for the picture.)


Finished Object: It’s a Tunic

When I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in 2006 I used a little of the money that my Dad had given me to buy yarn. Enough yarn to make a shorn sleeved top (I bought TLC Cotton). The top started, gave me A LOT of problems, was ripped out and the yarn was stuffed into a box which  I unearthed at the beginning of the summer. After much deliberation (picking a knitting pattern is hard work) I cast on the Athena Tunic  early last spring and finished it sometime around June. But when I put it on it was HUGE in the back. HUGE, HUGE! It’s the oddest thing that I seem to have lost the most weight in my back. So I ripped out the three needle bind off in the shoulders and made the straps much shorter then called for and I made the back dart about 6 inches instead of what was called for. The back doesn’t look great but the piece is wearable and I’ve worn it twice now. Once to the Tea Party and I wore it to work on Friday and made my poor co-workers take photos of me. wpid-20140822_114735.jpg wpid-cymera_20140822_131806.jpg

Please ignore my bat wings I know how intense they are but I wanted you to be able to see the back of the garment. 
DSC_8645 DSC_8646

Try the World

I stumbled upon an Instagram account a few months back called Try The World. They curate boxes from different cities all over the world. I wanted to join and thought about it on and off for a few months finally on the way home from Ohio they were running a Bastille Day sale so I decided to sign up. For $45 dollars every two months you get a box from somewhere in the world filled with fun foods! The first three boxes you know where they are going to be from and after that (I think) it’s a surprise. DSC_8791

My first box came over the weekend and it’s from Paris!  J’Adore! I opened the lovely (and great quality) teal box and found some fun surprises!!


The box was a great mix of lovely things! Fig preserves, nougat, mustard, finishing salt (!!!!), cookies, tea, hot chocolate AND salted butter caramels. I may have eaten the caramels as soon as the box came. *swoon* They were out of this world!!

DSC_8798  The Fig preserves I didn’t know what to do with but I was going to a tea and knitting party so I tossed it in my bag with some scones and off I went. The preserves were the best things that I’ve thus far tried in the box!! So good. The seeds were tiny and it was just sweet enough. 
wpid-20140810_133708.jpg       wpid-20140810_133131.jpg wpid-20140810_133025.jpg


How cute at the tiny little tea pots that one of the party goes made? The tea party was at my friends house out in the country and around 10 of us got together to eat tiny food and knit!! I started the Ginny Sweater for myself and as of last night I was about 4 inches in. The tea party was awesome and I’m glad that I got to eat yummy food, see some friends and get some knitting done.


*I highly recommend Try The World it’s a fun box and I think it’s curated beautifully. I love that I get to try things from all over the world and places where I will probably never get to visit. Also, I had to message there customer service and they replied within the hour. If that isn’t service I don’t know what is!!

Handmade gifts

wpid-20140801_213112.jpgI am a knitter. And I am trying to learn how to sew. I spend hours of my life painstakingly making things for people because I love them. Socks, sweaters, hats, mittens you name it and I’ve very likely made it for someone. Sometimes I make things on commission and it generally comes out to less then a dollar an hour. I’m also a snob I use the best (or as close to the best as I can get) materials available (very little Red Heart for this girl). I pour myself into the things I make. I’ve thrown knitting across the room, I’ve cried while knitting and somedays after working on something to big or two small I wake up in the morning and my fingers won’t unbend. But I love it. I truly do. When I think of someone putting on the socks I’ve made them I get a happy little feeling in my heart. Recently (the last few years) I’ve tried to be more mindful with what I give as gifts. What thought went into my putting 50 dollars in a card? Deep thought went into picking a pattern that made me think of you and then spending hours knitting a piece. That is what a gift should be a gift should be thoughtful.

The reason I’m going on about this is a recently read an article interviewing Emily Post who wrote a book Wedding Etiquette 6th Edition. She stated as something you should NEVER give a couple is a handmade gift. Well I call BULLSHIT! I pour myself into the things I make. If I’ve made you something you should be happy and you should use it (following the washing instructions I’ve given you to the letter. WOOL CAN NOT GO INTO THE DRYER!!!).

DSC_8626 DSC_8629 DSC_8631
Anyway, thank you for listening to my rant! Over the weekend I went to a friend from high schools wedding to her high school sweetheart (*sigh* how cute). I took my friend Suzi as my date and a grand time was had by all! For my friends wedding gift I asked what colors her bedroom was and I knit a lace border for some pillowcases in colors that (hopefully) match the couples room. I used Barbra Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns  and found a few lace patterns I liked. My friend has a few cats so I went with the Cat’s Paw and I also put a bird pattern in the middle. I have this vision of the cat chasing the bird. It was a lot of fun to knit although the blocking and sewing onto the pillowcases took A LOT more time then I had budgeted. Luckily they were finished the evening before the wedding and wrapped.  #TheFra ironed them (as a surprise) while I was at work so all the images I have are before they were ironed. (They look WAY better ironed.)

If you invite me to your wedding I am very likely going to make you something. I may actually make you lace edged pillowcases (because I’m Irish and as #TheFra pointed out the Irish give lace). I’m hoping that the next time I do this I’ll be capable of making my own pillowcases. I’m not saving money making you this gift, I’m doing it because I care for you. If you don’t want to invite me to your wedding or your party because of that I get it. You’ll likely find me knitting at Northern Lights instead.wpid-20140731_215101.jpg


27 going on 30


First off HI!!! And welcome to my little tiny corner of the internet! I’ve had a lot of thoughts swirling about in my head recently so I figured, what the heck, write them down maybe someone will be interested and if not what am I losing?  Here is a little about me and what I’ll likely be writing about.


 I’m Katie 27 years old who living with my 78 year old Grandmother (Called #TheFra from here on out).

I recently lost 115 pounds with Weight Watchers which is a wonderful program that I really believe in. I have about 20 pounds to go before I hit the goal I’ve set for myself.

I like to walk.

I knit. Not as much as I used to. (My job is eating my soul.)

I’m hoping to learn how to sew this summer on #TheFra’s ancient sewing machine.

I reenact the time period during the American Revolution. I get to wear awesome costumes and camp at historic sites. It’s a pretty great hobby. (I’ll also mention here that I studied history in college and spent a few years working in the museum field. If anyone is hiring I’m awesome! 😉 )

I love to travel. I recently spent a week in London. There will probably be a post in the future chronicling my trip so that I never forget it.

I like to cook and feed people. I’ll probably annoy you by posting pictures of my food.

I’m slowly discovering that I have a certain fashion. It’s traditional and a little plain. But I like it.

I am a nerd. You may want to saddle up for that.

I am not good at spelling and my grammar is atrocious. I apologize now.

I like to shop for bargains.

I have a dog (Phoenix) and a cat (Minerva) who live at my Dad’s house with the little brother. They are the best thing.

#TheFra and little brother (who turns 25 on Friday!!!!) are the most important people.  (We are in Williamsburg, VA.)