snappeI was never a fan of Professor Snape. Never trusted him. But Alan Rickman. Well I always loved him. Beloved actor. Kind face. Excellent baddie. There are some celebrities that pass away that break my heart. This is one of those times. I don’t know if I am so bothered because of all the other negative things that I have going on or if it really is just because he was so much a part of my life growing up. Because you see, yes Alan Rickman was in many, many movies that I love but from the age of 11 until now (18 years if you are counting) he was Professor Snape. Harry Potter took me far away from Scranton. Transported me to England. Made me a witch. Gave me a whole different world to hide in when things were to much in my life. They are books and movies that I turn to in the darkest of times. I think that’s why this hurts me so much. Because it’s like I’m losing a teacher. Ha. Now that I sound crazy here here is a post from the Bloggess. She gets me. “I Can’t”

A little montage from CNN on some of his more famous movies. CNN

Dear Alan, “Remember Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” (J.K. Rowling) -Katie, a big fan


Links for the week of 3.29.2015

Happy Easter! I’m spending the day with the family (and no friends. Boo). And Mr. E is spending the day with his parents. It’s been a VERY short lent. I cheated and ate at my favorite restaurant twice (but I don’t feel guilty they were justified) and I did NOT have a single cheese danish. So you can better you booty that I’m eating a cheese danish for breakfast today.

Some stories I found interesting this week:

Buttons are something that we don’t often think about until they have ripped off your winter coat on the COLDEST day of the year. Here an educator at a historic home in NY looks at how the button can help trace the history or the home. Great read Here.

I can’t imagine teaching anyone to read, write and speak English but here is a 90 (!!!) year old man who comes out once a week to help and has been helping for 25 years. Check him out Here. 

It’s a known fact around here that I love history, particularly the American Revolution, so when I saw this article “10 Amazing Women From the Revolutionary War” I read it as quickly as I could! I’m a HUGE Abigail Adams fan. What about you? Check them out Here.

Some photos from the Samsung (which isn’t holding a charge):


I found 14 hair ties under my bed when cleaning.


Who knew that peanut butter creme Brule was a thing? Well it's amazing.


Easter egg dying!

What are you listening to? This week it’s been The Beatles. The Abbey Road album to be more specific. Who knows why. (PS: I found it on youtube Here.

Links for the week of 12/14/2014

It’s getting down to the Christmas wire. Every single minute of my time is scheduled from now until the New Year. My calendar is intense and color coded. I’m not sure I’ll be sleeping but after the year I’ve had I want this to be phenomenal Christmas. I want people to leave my house smiling and happy. I want them to be full and happy. I want laughter. So if not sleeping and working frantically leading up to all that needs to happen. Well so be it.

Anyway, busy as I am I rounded up some great links this week. Take a look?

First off “8 Reasons Why You Should Marry the Complicated Girl” Marry the girl who demands respect This was a great article that I really enjoyed reading. Because, yes, I am complicated BUT in the best way possible. Here

“Love is not Enough” This was a fascinating article about why love can’t be the only thing. This sentence really resonated with me. “Because you need more in life than love. Love is great. Love is necessary. Love is beautiful. But love is not enough.” Here

Ever since my Dad dragged me to the theaters to see The Fellowship of the Ring I have been a MAJOR Tolkien fan.  And then to add to it when casting for The Hobbit Richard Armitage (love of my life) was cast as Thorin. The final installment of the Hobbit came out this week and here are some awesome quotes from the movies. (PS: I heart the Chive) Here 

To help us get into the spirit here is an article about the “Deviant History of the Snowman” Here

Here are some pictures from the Samsung:


Bestie and I getting coffee


So eggnog mousse is a thing! Go get some!


To keep up with the Hobbit theme. A Thorin ornament!

Links for the week of 12/7/2014

What a fun week I had! Burke came home, there was a big work event (a ethnic Carol Sing. watch out for a post about that soon), I went to the Nutcracker.  It also felt good to be on the lookout for some fun articles for you all to look at.

You know how I feel about all things Harry Potter. So hearing that J.K. Rowling is going to release more short stories makes me want to jump for joy! Here

Growing up I was the kid who LOVED Doctor Quinn (I have the fancy boxed set even). Well the cast got together and made a HILARIOUS video about bringing the show back. Watch it Here

Although I don’t drink anymore I can respect a good drink. Here are 5 18th century classic given a modern twist. Here

One of my goals in the near future is to get to the Tenement Museum in NYC. This article full of pictures is as close as I am going to get for awhile though. Here

Some photos from the Samsung:










I went to a holiday party at the Radisson Station Hotel and feel in LOVE with there decorations. It’s one of my favorite buildings in the city.  (My Grandmother used to go pick up my Grandfather’s railroad checks there! Can you imagine?)










Mr. E and I went to see the Nutcracker at another fabulous building in Scranton (The Masonic Temple) and this was the tree in the entrance. I loved the gold.








These two the morning before Burke came home. They were just to cute not to photograph.


Hope you all had a lovely week!

Links for the week of 8/31

Where did August go? And now an entire week of September has passed? Burke has a countdown to when he leaves for Navy basic training. I for one am NOT ready for that day.

Some links from the week:

I’m not going to pretend that the lifestyles of the rich and famous/ royalty doesn’t surprise me and this book  INGLORIOUS ROYAL MARRIAGES: A Demi-millennium of Unholy Mismatrimony looks like it will be right up my alley. Here

I think because I was always so large (both in height and size) I’ve always been fascinated by small things. Having a tiny little gnome garden in my garden seems perfect. Directions Here

Although I don’t drink I do find traditions to be of the UTMOST import. 25 Drinking Customs from Around the World. Here

Some Samsung pics:


The end of summer MUST mean smores around a camp fire!!


Burke and I were in Staples and while looking at the maps (we’re nerds that way) we discovered this map with my beloved Scranton Iron Furnaces on the cover.


The first taste of pumpkin I’ve had this season was this lovely thing. Found at Target. It was YUMMY and only 3 points!! I am just hoping that one of the grocery stores I frequent carry it!

Links for the week of 8/17/2014

It poured at the Farmer’s Market today and all I wanted to do was go home and nap afterward. Instead I met up with a friend from high school and we sat at an adorable cafe (Zummos in Scranton) and chatted.  It was perfect.  Do you still talk to anyone you went to high school with?

Some fun things I read:

I actually have trouble believing that these stunning objects are made from paper! “Beautifully Crafted Paper City Highlights Intricate Patterns in Moroccan Culture” Here

I love this post about debunking some more personal historical myths. People did bath in the 18th century!!!! Women also didn’t walk around town with there period running down there legs (*gag*).  Good heavens. Read about it here.

I always love pointing out a mistake ESPECIALLY in famous architecture. Here are some “Great Mistakes in English Medieval architecture”. Here

And the only pictures I took this week:

The most adorable little purple (very hot) pepper I ever did see.
One of my coworkers (who became a good friend) is moving to Chile to find herself. We had a perfectly lovely going away lunch.

Links for the week 8/10

Happy Sunday!! I made a huge dinner last night (photo below) that involved my Try The World Box (French hot chocolate, mustard and salt MUST make everything taste better!). I amalso suffering from a dreadful TMJ flare up. If you have any advice to deal with it I am listening.

Anywho here are some weekly links,

I’ve been trying to start my day off with a few minutes of yoga. I am not good and am certainly not ready to practice without some sort of instruction. So I went to Youtube.com and typed in “15 minute yoga” and a ton of videos came up. This one was really great for before church on Sunday. Here

Anything involving chocolate is for me!! Here is a fun article about unusual chocolate combinations. Here 

Great articles about how museums are dealing with our virtual world “Museums Se Difference Virtues in a Virtual World” Here

Did you see the supermoon last week? I slept though it and looked at these stunning images from around the world. Here

And some pictures,


Minerva was a wonderful nurse.


#TheFra reminds me a bit of the Godfather in this shot.


Best dinner. Jacket potatoes (recipe from herehttp://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2014/08/how-to-make-english-jacket-potatoes.html?m=1), pork chops with grainy mustard, roasted veggies and dessert involved sauteed peaches.