Whole30 a day in food.

I am not doing the perfect Whole30. I am as close as I can be. 2 weeks in I finally gave up the old habit of tracking in my Weight Watchers tracker #scary #gasp And I’m still working on my scale addiction. And I can’t seem to only have the 3 large meals a day. I like a little snack. But I’m getting better about that also. It isn’t everyday and I try and make sure it’s actual hunger and not bored at my desk eating. I don’t think that anyone has the perfect Whole30. But that’s OK. This (for me) is about learning about myself and losing weight. (I’m very happy with the scale this far. But don’t tell Melissa Hartwig because she #legit scares me when she gets into her #realtalk)


PS. Mellisa Hartwig liked my photo #dying

Anyway I’ve started everyday with a hash of some variety or another. I big heart eggs. They are my favorite thing so I’ve been putting an egg on top of a hash for years. Whole30 makes me experiment a little more (more freedom, honestly then I get with Weight Watchers.) My favorite thus far was shredded potato, brussel sprouts, onion, garlic and some leftover chicken fried up together. Two eggs on top and I was set for HOURS! #putaneggonit

Best lunch so far was leftover chorizo, sweet potato nachos. #nomnomnomnom #sogood I cooked chorizo low and long and got  this lovely ground beef texture. I sliced sweet potato into thin coins and roasted them at 400° for around 45 minutes with coconut oil and salt. Then assembly. Lots of lettuce, coins on top, chorizo, gaucamole, really good salsa. NOW EAT IT ALL!! It was amazing. Chorizo is something I don’t generally eat when I’m tracking because it is #allofthepoints BUT I love it. So I’ve enjoyed having it while on this plan.

Favorite dinner was probably the Seared Salmon Benedict from The Whole30 cookbook. I have the book and read it BUT they happened to post the recipe on there website. Mine was not as pretty. I used mixed green instead of arugula. My hollaindaise was perfect and then it separated. But it still tasted good.

Notable other moments. New Years day dinner was Whole30 compliant. Other then the rolls a guest brought and the ice cream that I served but did not eat for dessert. Also, homemade mayo is the easiest thing to make. And delicious. Suddenly chicken salad not that gross. And my new favorite dessert our dates and almond butter. Get ready for a tutorial on that. Because super easy and YUMMY!

I’m almost 20 days into Whole30 and I’m thrilled with the decision to try it out. I’ve decided to do another longer round going from February 17th until Easter. I had initially planned to start on Ash Wednesday but I have a few short trips planned that I don’t want to stress so much about food. Also, February 1 I am going to have sushi. Lot’s of sushi. If you’d like to join I’m happy for the company. It will be a very expensive dinner though. ha.


It’s a new year.

I have never been much for resolutions. When I was a child and it was the thing to do I of course made them (and never kept them). As an adult I joined Weight Watchers 2 years ago  January 4th. But that wasn’t  a resolution it was just time. 100 (ish) pounds later and it was a great decision.

Last summer around when my Mom got really sick for the last time I decided it was time to get my shit together. I pay all my bills on time and I’m working on my student loans (sigh) but there always seemed to be more week then money and I really wanted to start having a real savings. So when the Sebring breaks I can fix her. (Or in this case of Mom dies I can drop my life and run to Ohio and maybe give a tiny bit of money to help with expenses.) I was doing pretty well and feeling confident in my abilities. At the same time I kicked butt at weight loss. I cleaned and organized my two rooms at home. I felt like I really had my shit together. Fast forward to Mom dying.

Now 4 months later my room is disorganized. All my drawers are full of junk. I don’t have any savings. And I gained a lot of weight over the holidays. (My favorite jeans don’t fit.)

So I’m slowly getting my act together. I restarted the Dave Ramsey envelope plan and I also started the 52 week savings challenge. I’m hyper organized with this which is good. Accounting for every dollar of money spent.  So far (a whopping 1 week in). I’m doing really well. I have a tiny bit of money paid. I’m ahead on my bills and I’ve got enough spending money to get me through the week. If in a month or so I’m still doing well I’ll check back in and explain more about what I do. wpid-20150109_105149.jpg

Today is the first day that I started my new schedule at work (work Monday-Thursday and Saturday). So I’m off today (Friday). I did all my laundry this morning and I organized one of my dressers. I feel good about that.

Before and after.

Before and after.

It’s also Friday and although I haven’t eaten wonderfully I have tracked every bite since Monday morning. The scale is moving in the right direction and I’m hoping that I don’t look like a cow at the wedding I’m going to at the end of the month.


Have a great weekend and look out for my link post. It’ll be up Sunday and I have some great articles.

I’m back!

And hopefully I’ll be back to regular programming starting now. A LOT has happened in the last few months. Some wonderful and some tragic. I’m going to list them here. Some of them will get future blog posts (I’ve hosted some great parties recently). Some of them I’m not ready to talk about all that publicly yet. But I’ve missed blogging and as my life seems to finally be slowing down a little I want a creative escape again.wpid-img_20141202_154525.jpg

* The reason I stopped blogging to begin with was my Mother passed away on September 9th. (You can read about her here.) She was 51 years old and far to young to die.wpid-aviary-image-1413990818166.png

*My dear Brother joined the Navy and left in November (which was all to much for my fragile nerves). Sadly after arriving at boot camp high blood pressure was discovered and his Navy dream is coming to an end. However, I am so proud of him! He is a wonderful man and I am lucky to be his big sister. (I threw him a great going away party. That’ll be a fun post.)wpid-20141025_112602.jpg

*I started seeing someone. We’ll call him Mr. E here. He’s awesome. Kind, handsome, cares deeply for all people (and me). Did I mention that he’s taller then I am? Only by an inch BUT when your 5’10 that is MAJOR points in a guys direction.wpid-20141025_203605.jpg

*I’m hovering about 5 pounds above my Weight Watchers goal. I’ll track a day or so and stop again. I’m snacking on FAR to many sugar cookies and for some reason I just can’t get my head in the game. But that is probably a post unto itself.

*My dear friend Jill moved to LA in November (HI Jill. I miss you!!). And when she moved the agency offered me her position. So you are looking at the NEW Elm Street Manager. I’m working full time in neighborhood revitalization (in the neighborhood I live in). So far I love my new challenges and I hope that I can be half as good as the previous Manager was.wpid-20141109_153401.jpg


*I am truly blessed with all the wonderful people in my life (both internet friends and in person friends). With the passing of my Mom, Brother leaving, Jill moving and many other things I know that I haven’t been easy to live with. But my friends have stuck by me. Like they always do. Whether it was escaping Scranton for a few days or hiding at my favorite restaurant or shopping I haven’t walked a single step alone. wpid-1418164097778.jpg

Shakeology Protein Pancakes

Like most people in the world I know someone selling Shakeology. That friend very kindly brought me two different flavors of there protein shakes to try. When I used to really work hard at the gym (the Planet Fitness circuit is no joke) I used to like a 3 Weight Watchers point shake afterward. There is a flavor of chocolate peanut butter powder I really liked and Burke gave me a pink shaker to make it in! (Best brother!!). Otherwise I usually use protein powder when I am making something like protein pancakes. Here is my favorite recipe.

wpid-20140731_075336.jpg1 package strawberry Shakeology (or scoop of protein you like)

3 egg whites

30 grams quinoa flakes (or oatmeal)

2 bananas

teaspoon vanilla

Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until pancake batter consistency.


Pour by 1/8th of a cup into a greased skillet on medium heat. Flip after 2 minutes.wpid-20140731_075950.jpg wpid-20140731_080010.jpg

Remove after another minute and repeat. Yield 15 pancakes.

Add some PB2 and watermelon and you’ve got breakfast.wpid-20140731_081625.jpg

**You can eat however many you’d like BUT to keep the WW points WAY down I split this with Burke and #TheFra.


Links for the week 8/3/2014

Another busy week this week. Friday night I threw my dear friend Tara a birthday party. It involved a cookie decorating bar!! I can’t wait to tell you more about that. I also made my Mom’s famous Garlic Chicken. I’ll post that recipe someday also. (It is NOT Weight Watchers friendly!)

Today I am heading to the country for a day of knitting with some friends. A retreat of sorts. I might start a sweater for myself. I’m dreaming of the fall.

A fun blog post about some awesome hats!! (The Museum of London was an awesome museum and I HIGHLY recommend a visit!!) Mad Hatting from the Museum of London Here

Are you a lady? “Being a Lady” is an interesting article about being a lady in 2014. Here

We all need a little girl power in our lives! Here is an awesome article embracing that. “7 of the most badass women who ever lives (who you’ve probably never heard of)” Here

Some pictures from the Samsung!


Mexican Hot Chocolate Coffee-Mate. You have no idea how excited I was!! wpid-20140804_095119.jpg


It was a week of finally finishing projects in my world. A tunic of mine, 2 plain pair of socks, a pair of patterned socks and a pair of patterned mittens!wpid-20140809_155619.jpg

The tomatoes in my garden are coming in!!! Which I am VERY excited about. wpid-20140809_175139.jpg


Dad brought a disposable grill and I tried buffalo for the first time. I HIGHLY recommend!



Atlantic City

I’m pretty sure that if I was a random stranger reading this blog (Hello Random Stranger) I would think that I was a globe trotter. Well I’m not. I’m just lucky that living in Scranton means I’m very close to a lot of fun things. (I’m also lucky to live in Scranton because good things happen here to but that’s a blog post for a different day.) A few weekends ago I worked the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and drove down to Atlantic City to spend the weekend with some awesome ladies!

As I’ve said (here, here, here) I am a member of Weight Watchers and I found a wonderful place on the messages boards where I get to talk about myself, complain and generally just talk to people who get what losing a lot of weight is like. Anyway, a fairly large group of us went to Atlantic City to get together and just talk. group

It was wonderful to sit in random hotel rooms and talk about all the issues I have losing the last 20 pounds, or why people gained weight to begin with, the daily struggles. It was just good. I felt energized when I got back and happy. These women are my support and are awesome. (This also includes the many who weren’t in AC that weekend.)

Thanks Boardies. I love you!

wpid-20140719_202625.jpg wpid-20140719_202851.jpg wpid-20140719_202857.jpg
wpid-20140719_202915.jpg wpid-20140719_203429.jpg wpid-20140719_210333.jpg wpid-20140720_154006.jpg wpid-20140720_155754.jpg wpid-20140720_162630.jpg wpid-20140720_213730.jpg wpid-20140720_202312.jpg

As always to many pictures. I also want to say I don’t gamble and because of that I don’t really recommend Atlantic City. I would much prefer a quieter place with less people and less of the depression I think gambling brings. (The homeless sitting at the slots are a lot for me to handle. People bathing in the sink at Trump.)  The weather wasn’t great so I did spend a lot of time sitting in Starbucks or peoples rooms BUT that’s OK because I got to meet and see these women.

Weight Loss

wpid-cymera_20140722_075811.jpgI’ve mentioned Weight Watchers in pretty much every blog post since I started so I thought now was as good a time as any to talk a little bit about my weight loss trek journey.

I joined Weight Watchers in January of 2013 with Burke. He had been at Boscovs looking for a winter coat and couldn’t find one that both buttoned and that he liked. I mentioned that I had been thinking about going on a diet and asked if he wanted to join me. The rest is history!

We joined online (meetings are MUCH more expensive and weren’t in the budget at the time) and both had over 100 pounds to lose. it was a daunting number but Weight Watchers broke it up into small attainable goals (5%, 10% etc.). Burke learned about cooking (there is life past boxed mac and cheese!) and I really enjoyed helping him learn more about cooking. Early on I discovered Skinnytaste (Gina has NEVER led me astray. I also talk about her like we’re friends. We aren’t.) for recipes and Weight Watchers has a lot of recipes on there site. I also purchased a food scale (best 15 dollars I’ve ever spent!!), and I stopped eating fast food and drinking. wpid-cymera_20131117_213736.jpg

You don’t have to stop eating certain things (or drinking them) with Weight Watchers which is why there program works. I decided to give up those things to help myself be more successful on the program.

Burke lost over 100 pounds and joined the US Navy (I’m so proud of him). As of today I’ve lost 115 pounds and like to buy new clothes.  It’s not all been sunshine and roses (I’ve been hovering where I currently am since March) but it’s all been worth it. I’ve made new friends, discovered a new personality and I FIT INTO WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET!!! Which was a major goal for me. I’ve got about 25 pounds left to lose and I promise I’ll be having a blog party if I ever get there! 🙂


** If you are going to join Weight Watchers online I recommend either having someone in your life who already knows the system or joining meeting for 12 weeks first. Online is great if you’ve got a good support system BUT it is HARD if you are going at it alone.

If you have any questions about Weight Watchers and don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment you can reach me at Lookingaheadto30@gmail.com. 😉