Whole30 a day in food.

I am not doing the perfect Whole30. I am as close as I can be. 2 weeks in I finally gave up the old habit of tracking in my Weight Watchers tracker #scary #gasp And I’m still working on my scale addiction. And I can’t seem to only have the 3 large meals a day. I like a little snack. But I’m getting better about that also. It isn’t everyday and I try and make sure it’s actual hunger and not bored at my desk eating. I don’t think that anyone has the perfect Whole30. But that’s OK. This (for me) is about learning about myself and losing weight. (I’m very happy with the scale this far. But don’t tell Melissa Hartwig because she #legit scares me when she gets into her #realtalk)


PS. Mellisa Hartwig liked my photo #dying

Anyway I’ve started everyday with a hash of some variety or another. I big heart eggs. They are my favorite thing so I’ve been putting an egg on top of a hash for years. Whole30 makes me experiment a little more (more freedom, honestly then I get with Weight Watchers.) My favorite thus far was shredded potato, brussel sprouts, onion, garlic and some leftover chicken fried up together. Two eggs on top and I was set for HOURS! #putaneggonit

Best lunch so far was leftover chorizo, sweet potato nachos. #nomnomnomnom #sogood I cooked chorizo low and long and got  this lovely ground beef texture. I sliced sweet potato into thin coins and roasted them at 400° for around 45 minutes with coconut oil and salt. Then assembly. Lots of lettuce, coins on top, chorizo, gaucamole, really good salsa. NOW EAT IT ALL!! It was amazing. Chorizo is something I don’t generally eat when I’m tracking because it is #allofthepoints BUT I love it. So I’ve enjoyed having it while on this plan.

Favorite dinner was probably the Seared Salmon Benedict from The Whole30 cookbook. I have the book and read it BUT they happened to post the recipe on there website. Mine was not as pretty. I used mixed green instead of arugula. My hollaindaise was perfect and then it separated. But it still tasted good.

Notable other moments. New Years day dinner was Whole30 compliant. Other then the rolls a guest brought and the ice cream that I served but did not eat for dessert. Also, homemade mayo is the easiest thing to make. And delicious. Suddenly chicken salad not that gross. And my new favorite dessert our dates and almond butter. Get ready for a tutorial on that. Because super easy and YUMMY!

I’m almost 20 days into Whole30 and I’m thrilled with the decision to try it out. I’ve decided to do another longer round going from February 17th until Easter. I had initially planned to start on Ash Wednesday but I have a few short trips planned that I don’t want to stress so much about food. Also, February 1 I am going to have sushi. Lot’s of sushi. If you’d like to join I’m happy for the company. It will be a very expensive dinner though. ha.


Checking in.

It seems as soon as I said that I would recap my heart surgery I wanted to stop writing this blog again. See I want to write it all down but Mr. E was a large part of that recovery and I know I can’t leave him out of the posts but dredging up his taking care of me and having to focus on the end of the relationship is hard. So I am going to table that post for when I’m not so #emotional.


Tea for my raw throat

13 days into the New Year I haven’t done anything all that exciting. Mostly my life has revolved around eating (I cook ALL THE TIME) work. Whole30 is going really well. I’ve eaten out once and I was very careful and ordered the safest things on the menu that I could find.  I’ve also eaten at friends houses and they have been really wonderful about letting me be a pain in the butt and say I can’t have this, this and that. #luckygirl I haven’t felt any of the magical changes that Whole30 promises BUT my size 16 jeans (from Old Navy) are currently on me. I’ve missed skinny jeans so on Sunday when I could get these on I was thrilled. I knew my weight gain was out of control when I started wearing boot cut jeans. Also, don’t get me wrong. The jeans are tight BUT I can sit and and cross my legs. That’s enough for me! 🙂


Chorizo nachos. Holy moly!

I’ve been eating a TON of veggies, meat and fats on this diet. It’s been a lot of fun to just drop a hunk of Ghee or coconut butter in the pan and not have to put the skillet on the scale and make sure that I’m only having 6 grams at a time. It’s also been fun to have more then 3 ounces of protein at a time. I will say that I am missing cheese and rice a lot. And my weekly (or 3x’s a week) sushi visits are missed. #thestruggle


Typhoid CB

I started the new year with a cold that was given to me by my most favorite baby CB. He is the love of my life. And sick or not I needed to kiss his cheeks. A decision I regret after the week I spent sick as a dog. But I’d probably do that same things again. 😉

Have you seen Casablanca?! I’m sure you have. Everyone has seen the movie except me. The problem was I’m a hopeless romantic who needs  a happy ending. My life is tragic enough without adding depressing endings to the mix. Anyway, I finally saw it and I was on the edge of my seat. Wonderful movie. I want to watch it again and see what I missed. #somuchgoingon #Mustnotpee I also almost cried at one point. There is something about patriotism that brings tear to me eye.


Road trip to see the brother.

Last night I went to a friends house for dinner and she made a magical salad and venison stew. All whole30 approved AND I made a knitter! 🙂 Really she knew how to knit and needed an update BUT I still get her started and I’m excited to teach her how to purl next. I love hoisting my hobby on people. Although, teaching is not something I’m great at.

Thanks for listening. Maybe I’ll do something fun with interesting pictures soon. For now it’s windy and cold and I want to curl up with a book.image

New Years Eve. Or the party that dissolved into anarchy.

I wrote a very nice blog post this morning and promptly deleted it when I went to add photos. *sigh* Happy New Year to me.

Last night I spent a wonderful evening at a friends house (I’ll call her N here). N, A and myself enjoyed a lovely dinner. Loud laughter, good conversation, wonderful food and excellent drinks. It was a perfect way to end 2015. On a high note and with plans to make 2016 better then 2015!wp-1451651410080.jpg

I want to make a note here that N is a vegetarian and is proof that vegetarians can eat interesting food that do not involve hip hugging pasta. ha. She also loves mushrooms which makes her A number 1 in my book. #ballsofFiber #myfavorite

We started the evening off with a warm brie dish that N and A discovered in Washington state last spring. It is incredibly complicated to make. 1 piece of brie (I like it with the rind) in a baking dish, pour honey and slivered almonds on top. Pop into a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and serve whatever lovely bread you have handy.wp-1451652181699.jpg

For the main course we had an onion tart, roasted cauliflower with kalamata olives and N’s famous salad. First the onion tart is from a book called Vegetable Literacy and the cauliflower was from  Epicurious (I hope) Now N’s salad. This is my favorite thing that she makes.

N’s Tarragon Salad

In a salad bowl mix greens of your choice, a roma tomato, scallions and thinly sliced radish. Pour in tarragon vinegar to taste, olive oil and Celtic sea salt.wp-1451742164372.jpg

Now dessert. That was a truly special thing. N made a Banbury cake from a SHAKESPEAREAN recipe! The book is called Shakespeare’s Kitchen. I highly recommend the book. The recipes in the book look amazing. Anyway, the cake was a spice cake with a currant puree on top. Amazing.wp-1451651410069.jpg

Now onto the alcohol. I did not drink for around 2 years. Desperately trying to lose weight, liver problems. It just wasn’t worth it to have rum and diet coke at the bar. And then there was a this exhibit at the Everhart Museum in town and it was all about cocktails. And I was fascinated. And I discovered that really good booze is totally worth the points. Also, I am not 21 anymore. I have to cap at two or three drinks or I have a headache the next day. #old We started the evening with a Stormy Morning moved onto a Dark and Stormy and capped the evening with one of my new favorite drinks Aviation. I am converted to the lovely thing that is Creme De Violette. #Sogood And the Stormy Morning #candy

I was home in bed on NYE by 11:45 and reading. Which was a great way to ring in the New Year. Probably not the fastest way to meet a man but blah men are work. And after the last date I went on — well I may just give up. But that’s a story for a different day. As of publishing I’ve finished day one of Whole30 which I suppose isn’t something to be that proud of BUT cooking New Year’s day dinner for your family and not eating ice cream or cookies is something to rejoice.wp-1451651410078.jpg

So here I am looking to 30 and hopefully being a healthy version of me! Happy New Year! Let’s do this!